Installation ways of universal wiper blade

Installation ways of universal wiper blade

Nowadays, the universal wiper blades is mainly designed for U-hook or J-hook shaped wiper arms, commonly used in the Asian vehicles, including Japanese, Korean and Chinese vehicles on the market; When people go to 4S stores or auto repair service to replace their universal wiper blades, the professional workers will help them change the new universal wiper blade for their cars; However, many people will ask how to install them if they buy these universal wiper blades from online stores? 


Take our BAOYI wiper blade BY510 model as an example, the following is the main steps when people need to install their universal wiper blades:


Step 1: Remove the old wiper blades from the vehicle

Step 2: Pull up the wiper arm lightly

Step 3: Open the new wiper blade connector cover

Step 4: Pass the wiper arm through the open wiper blade connector cover, and the hook is aligned with the wiper blade connector

Step 5: Put the wiper arm into the wiper blade interface and hear “Click” 

Step 6: Close the connector cover and push the wiper arm back lightly

Step 7: The whole installation is complete


If there are any problem for the installation, you could call BAOYI wiper blade for more, we will be happy to help you.


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